Hello! We are Catherine and Stephanie, mom and daughter, and we decided to create Panicanela with the intention of communicating the meaning and value of Wayuu culture around the world. Although we are both Venezuelans, we lived in Colombia and fell in love with the beautiful and colorful Wayuu bags and even more with the beautiful story behind each bag.

Our mission is to share the beauty of their autochthonous bags with the world as we contribute to maintain the rich historical heritage of Wayuu culture.

We buy directly from the Wayuu artisans following and promoting fair trade practices; using the market as a guide to give you the best prices while getting the best deal for the artisan.

Every piece is handmade by one person from beginning to end, in a frame of social responsibility with artisans. Thus, if you like to know where your product comes from and feel empowered by supporting the person whose hands it was made by, this is the bag for you.

Carry their story with you, wear their beautiful Wayuu Mochila bags!

Hit play and check the culture that inspire us

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