Artisans of the Wayuu Tribe handcraft high-quality crochet bags of different sizes, tribal patterns, and color combinations.
The Wayúu, commonly known as Guajiros, have been able to maintain their culture throughout time. They have their own language, Wayúunaiki, and live mostly in the north of Colombia and northwest to Venezuela.
The Wayuu are the biggest artisan community in the Americas. Every item that you buy contributes to the sustainment of these wonderful creative people.
Wayuu bags are also known as Susu. According to the legend, the tradition comes from “Wale´kerü”, a spider goddess that taught the wayuu women how to weave her creative drawings into the Wayuubags.
The Wayuu Culture is Matrilineal. Unlike most cultures today in society, Wayuus are organized mainly by women.
From a very early age, crocheting becomes a way of artistic expression. Through forms of weaving-meditation, the Wayuu seek spiritual enlightenment and a connection with their ancestors.
For many Wayúu women making bags becomes the source of their primary income.
Wayuu’s dedication to preserv their cultural heritage contributes to driving revenue, support, and well-being throughout the region.
The tribesman and women see their predecessors and peers making artisan goods throughout their lifetimes. Their talent comes from years of dedication, culture and a rich weaving tradition.
Each bag is made by a single person, from the beginning to the end, with unique designs and figures inspired by their traditions.
The Wayuu bag preserves the original and centenary model of the Wayuu ancestors, whose fabric is the most precious of the indigenous cultures of Colombia.

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